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Wireless Charger Alarm Clock

Wireless Charger Alarm Clock

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Introducing the 15W Alarm Clock Wireless Charger Station Speaker – the perfect multifunctional companion for your bedside table. This innovative device combines a wireless charger, speaker, and RGB atmosphere lamp night light, all controlled through a user-friendly app. Charge your iPhone 12, 13, 14, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other compatible devices wirelessly at a speedy 15W rate. Enjoy crystal-clear audio through the built-in speaker, elevating your morning routine or evening relaxation. Plus, set the mood with the customizable RGB atmosphere lamp night light, creating a soothing ambiance for any setting. With app control, you can effortlessly manage all the features of this station, from setting alarms to adjusting light colors. Simplify your bedside essentials and embrace the versatility of the 15W Alarm Clock Wireless Charger Station Speaker – your all-in-one solution for convenience, style, and functionality.

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