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Phezer 12.7mm T-shirts Portable Printer QR Bar Batch Code Date Number Logo Expiry Date P18 Handheld Inkjet Printer Label Office

Phezer 12.7mm T-shirts Portable Printer QR Bar Batch Code Date Number Logo Expiry Date P18 Handheld Inkjet Printer Label Office

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Brand Name: Phezer

Interface Type: USB

Double-sided Printing: No

Type: Inkjet Printer

Paper Feed Mode: Manual

Print Speed: 35ppm

Supports Network Printing: No

Max Paper Size: A4

Origin: Mainland China

Max. Resolution: 600dpi

Voltage: 220-240V

Certification: CE

Print Height: 2-12.7mm

Print Head: Thermal inkjet 2.5

Ink Type: Water-based/42ml,Solvent/42ml

Material of Printer: ABS+PC

Display: 4.3 inch touch screen

Operation System: Linux

Print speed: 80meter/minute

Battery: 10 hours of continuous

ink cartridge: print 800000

barcode printer: expiry date printer

label printer: hand jet printer

handheld inkjet printer: variable

mobile printer: portable printer

plastic bottle printer: paper box printer

wood printer: metal printer

steel printer: cloth printer

online TIJ printer: print automatically

handheld printer: print by hand

Print Distance: Best quality with 2-5mm

Battery: 2600mAh @ DC16.8V

Adapter: AC input 100~240V; DC output 16.8V/2A

1,Print Head:Thermal inkjet 2.5

2,CPU:Quad core 1.4GHz

3,Operation System:Linux

4,Print Distance:Best quality with 2-5mm


6,Print Resolution:600dpi Maximum

7,Weight:Gw 0.45KG


9,Battery:2600mAh @ DC16.8v

10,Ink Type:Water-based/42ml,Solvent/42ml

11,Material of Printer:ABS+PC

12,Print Height:2-12.7mm

13,Language:Chinese, English,Japanese,Turkish , Arabic, Korean, Spanish,Russia, French, Portuguese, Italian and so on

14,Adapter:AC input 100~240V; DC output 16.8V/2A

15,Ink Color:Black, White,Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Invisible, UV

16,Print Content:Chinese,English, Numbers,Symbols, QR code, Bar code,Pictures, Dates,Counter

17,Print Media:Boards, Carton, Stone, Pipe,Cable, Metal, Plastic,Electronic,Automotive parts

18,Operational Environment:Temperature 0-45℃ (The best:20-30℃)Humidity 40%-60%Rh

Q & A

1.Q:How to better extend the life of the printer ?

A:Before installing and removing ink cartridges, be sure to turn off the printer.

2.Q:How to better protect the ink cartridge nozzle?

A:When not using ink cartridges, please close the protective cover in time.

Dip a soft paper towel with a small amount of alcohol before use, and then gently wipe the nozzle in one direction.

3.Q: Why does the printer screen not work?

A: When you find that the screen of the printer is not working, please calibrate the screen of the printer.For specific steps please check this link :

4.Q: Can the printer be equipped with photoelectric sensors?

A: Yes, our inkjet printer has an adapted photoelectric sensor. Please consult customer service before purchasing.

5.Q: Can the printer print on the bottle?

A: Yes, we will provide you with a metal positioning plate for free, For specific steps,please consult customer service .

6.Q: What should I do if the printer cannot print?

A: ①Check whether the timing belt on the left side of the printer is off (not in the groove).

②Check if there is ink in the ink cartridge.

③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.

④ After turning off the printer, reinstall the ink cartridge.

7.Q: The ink cartridge of the printer can print, but the printing is not clear, what should I do?

A: ①Check whether the ink cartridge nozzle is clean and dry, and wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue.

② Take out the ink cartridge when the printer is off, shake the nozzle down several times, and stick a clean paper towel on the surface of the nozzle to divert the ink in the box.

③Switch the nozzle of the printer in the settings.

④The above operation still cannot be solved, please replace the ink cartridge.

8.Q: What should I do when there is a printer phenomenon of wire drawing?

A: The ink cartridge is quick-drying. When there is a phenomenon of wire drawing, please wipe the nozzle carefully with a clean soft tissue and switch the nozzle of the printer.

When not using the ink cartridge, please install the cover in time.

9.Q: Can the printer be charged?

A: Yes. Note:

① Please remove the battery at the bottom of the printer and charge it separately to avoid damage to the printer.

②Please use our special charger to charge the printer.

③When the printer is stored for a long time and not in use, it is recommended to safely charge and discharge it every three months.

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