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European and American Women's Wig Small Lace Center Deep Wave Long Curly Wig Headband Lace Wigs

European and American Women's Wig Small Lace Center Deep Wave Long Curly Wig Headband Lace Wigs

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Product attributes:

Length: 28 inches

Treatment process: mechanism

Can it be dyed and ironed? It is not allowed to be dyed and ironed

Hair Material: High Temperature Silk

Applicable skin color: any skin color

Suitable face shape: any face shape

Bangs type: no bangs

Product number: YKW-002

Style: Natural

Effect: None

Wig hairstyle v Long curly hair without bangs





Product Care

1: When washing your hair, place the wig in a warm water and nourishing shampoo (do not use oil controlled shampoo) and gently stroke it along the direction of the hair (do not rub it with your hands).

2: Soak for 3 minutes, then wash the foam with water in the same way, soak it in warm water with conditioner for 5 minutes, and then clean it.

3: After washing, use a dry towel to absorb as much water as possible from the wig. Do not rub it, pick it up and shake it.

Straight hair can be slightly combed, and for those with inner buckles, the end of the hair should be arranged into an inner buckle shape.

4: For wigs with hair seams, please make sure to separate the hair seams, comb the hairstyle as before, and then place it on a stand to dry.

5: Do not use a comb to scrape the roots of your hair to prevent them from getting loose from the mesh.

6: After receiving the short curly hair style, shake and unroll it first. You can manually grasp and adjust it along the texture direction to make the wig fluffy and natural.

7: It can be molded with a 180 degree plywood roller. The construction of ironing and dyeing modeling needs to be completed by a professional hairdresser, and cannot be damaged by self ironing and dyeing.

8: A wig product is divided into three parts based on the product and seven parts based on the care

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